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Women, Men and Youth of Purpose, International is a seamless ministry reaching out  and connecting locally, nationally and internationally. We come alongside to offer our gifts and abilities where it is needed. Local and national ministry teams teach Reconciliation, Restoration and Renewal by example, at times going door to door in areas where conflict exists, offering to pray with people and share what they have learned about coming together in the name of Christ.

Woman, Men and Youth of Purpose groups are active nationwide in Washington, Oregon, California, Missouri, Ohio and Virginia. Internationally our groups are in Africa: Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Nakuru, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. International Ministry teams travel to different parts of the world with those we have connected with. Some want to be taught from the Word, some need encouragement, others mentoring or something as simple as good hygiene. Prayer and an opportunity for people to give their heart to the Lord are a big part of what we do everywhere we go.

In Sierra Leone, West Africa we helped build a school and supply supportive services to the teachers and students. We have groups in Bondo and Nukuru, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Palm Institute in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania.

Women, Men and Youth of Purpose International teaches families as models in solving organizational, communication and interpersonal issues. Speaker and Author, Dr. O. Virginia Phillips, specializes in strengthening and stabilizing marriages and families. Our International Ministry reaches around the world as we connect and partner with Pastors and other ministries in Guatemala and Sierra Leone, Kenya, East Africa, and in the village of Bondo where there is a sewing school providing training and equipment for women so they can support their families; and the community of Rhonda in Nakuru, Kenya where we partnered in bringing six African countries together for a United in Love conference.

We are passionate about our international mission trips, where we bring funds, medicine, and personal items to Kenya, and books and Bibles to Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Additionally, our I-5 Corridor Prayer Houses provide a space for women and men to come together, in prayer and petition for the nations, the leaders, salvation for the lost, families, communities, schools, and youth. 

International Mission Trips

Women, Men and Youth of Purpose Int’l takes funds, medicine and personal items to Kenya, Books and Bibles to Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria.

I-5 Corridor Prayer Houses

House of Prayer are men, women and families who have opened their homes at designated days and times to come together and petition for the nations, leaders, salvation for the lost, families, communities, schools and youth. With prayer houses currently located in Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska, we are seeking more participants for the National Prayer Circle that covers all fifty states.  Contact our National Office to sign up and be a part of this powerful movement. 

Call, or write the National Office to sign up.

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