Years ago, the Holy Spirit revealed the scripture to me about co-laboring with Christ. In 1974 I heard, “You are not to work for Me, the work of the Kingdom was finished (completed) at the cross of Calvary. Now you walk with Me in the completed work, remembering that My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:30)

There are times when many things must be accomplished, but I know when I am in God’s perfect will because Joy and Peace accompany the work and I enjoy the tasks at hand for in all that I do, I do hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, who directs me. It is time for all God’s people to “rest” in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Spend time with Him as He reveals His plan. Garris Elkins, in his message to the church: “Come out of the clutter and hear the Message of God”– spoke a very strong and clear word – “During this season, stay away from over-scripted, over-studied, and over-choreographed personal lives and (numerous church gatherings that take away your personal time with God).

God is up to something new and our planning can be the very clutter that dulls our ability to hear the voice of God.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that we are to disobey the Word to gather together in the body of Christ. We must know when to gather. If it fills every spare moment of our lives, at some point we must create a place to listen to the Spirit.


Dr. Phillips has updated HEART TO HEART CONNECTION and it has a new cover! It is available online – CLICK ON THE “BOOKSTORE” TAB – or it can be ordered through the Women of Purpose, International office in Oregon – call 503-443-2007 Tues-Thurs, 10am-3pm.

This book is written with three goals in mind.

The first, is to minister to families, both biological and extended, beginning with the relationship between husband and wife.

The second, is how relationships are connected beginning with the experience of belonging and ending with the Love connection which is the completion of a Heart to Heart relationship.

The third, is to answer the question of whether a social service system created to protect and help children can become an agent for keeping families together.

TALKING WITH JESUS is also a new book this year. It is a book of prose and poetry – conversations with Jesus that created a Heart to Heart Relationship. Get your copy by clicking on the BOOKSTORE tab above. Click on the book and it will take you to the online site where you can order it. Or, if you would rather purchase it through the ministry please contact the office for ordering information.

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