The ministry has traveled to Ghana, West Africa

Our ministry Ambassador to Africa, Reverend David Musumba, traveled to Ghana, a country that our Women, Men and Youth of Purpose International (WMYOPI) teams had visited previously.

When Rev. Musumba and Gitfy visited Palm Institute, Pastor Musumba shared briefly about the vision and purpose from WMYoPI. Members representing all Ghana chapters, and the Chapter Coordinators were present. He prayed a very powerful prayer from Leviticus 26:9 over the school, staff and faculty. The formation and establishment of a chapter of WMYOPI at the Palm Institute was announced. The institute is appointing leaders and will commission them as the Lord leads to empower them to help promote the core values of WMYOPI in Palm Institute. The Ghanian Chapter of WMYOPI will be housed at the college. We are honored to connect with Dr. Okantey in this unified endeavor.

Meetings were also held in GNAT hall in Accra, and it was very successful with a total participation drawn from both the WMYoPI representing all the chapters, and the coordinators. They spoke of Reconciliation, Restoration and Renewal encouraging the people to stay steadfast in the Word of God and seek the face of the Father to walk together in unity.

The meetings were very successful and Director Gifty was very pleased by the end of the conference. She met with the Chapter Coordinators and answered all their questions, giving them a clear and proper direction for the ministry in Ghana.