Taking Clean, Fresh Water Home

March 2017

Finally the Water project is on in Rhonda Church

Thanks very much to WMYOPI and Mom, Dr Phillips. We are now beginning officially the drilling of the water borehole project in Rhonda.


Our ministry is funding a complete life sustaining water system with a promise to help save the lives of adults and children in the Rhonda slums who are forced to live in unbelievable conditions. The water system will not only provide clean drinking water, but also irrigation to crops in an area that is starving for clean water and food. Thank you to the donors who are saving lives.

How we became connected with this community

In August 2014, a Six Country “United in Love” Conference was held in Nakuru (Rhonda), East Africa sponsored by Women, Men and Youth of Purpose, Int’l and Glorious Prophetic International Ministries. For details about this conference please click on the NEWSLETTERS tab and read the Autumn 2014 issue of our PURPOSE newsletter.

God had asked us to return to Kenya and allow Him to continue the Reconciliation, Restoration and Renewal work He began. Pastor David Musumba, of Free Pentecostal Fellowship (FPFK), has in many respects functioned as Paul – taking the word of God to the slums and desolate in East Africa. God wanted us to come together, pray, celebrate and expand the work He (God) has done in these countries – winning more souls and making disciples!