WMYOPI began as the vision of Dr. O. Virginia Phillips, in Portland, Oregon in December of 1993 to bring reconciliation, restoration and renewal to individuals, families and communities of every cultural group, religious denomination or social status to represent a united body of Christ.

THE three primary purposes:

Reconciling and Restoring Relationships

  • That women, men and youth may know God’s purpose for their lives.
  • That women, men and youth can experience encouragement, healing and strength through the support of other women in an atmosphere of mutual trust and faith.
  • That women, men and youth would prayerfully touch their families, churches, communities and governments for the benefit of unity in the spirit of love.

Identifying and Imparting Spiritual Gifts

  • To recognize the specific gifts that are unique to each of us and multiply those gifts for the strengthening of the body of Christ.
  • By learning the scriptural principles of living and imparting to others how to understand and live by them.
  • By enhancing the potential for excellence in ourselves and others to build each other up, through prayer, encouragement, and support.

Promoting a Unified Vision

  • Believing the Word, that in everything God works for good for those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).
  • That a network of support groups, prayer groups and supportive ministries are built up to support God’s work in the world today throughout the United States and Internationally.
  • That we may commonly share the benefits of connecting our individual and collective gifts, talents and resources.

Our History

The Women, Men and Youth of Purpose, Intl organization was a vision given to Dr. O. Virginia Phillips upon her return to Oregon in 1993 after a year in Battle Creek, Michigan, where she served as Executive Director of Family and Children Services. Upon her return, she sought God for her next step.

Dr. Phillips went forward with the understanding that the ministry would be to women from all races, denominations and social status, churched and unchurched. The group began with seven women on December 10, 1993. It grew rapidly to 30 women from 11 different denominations. It moved from the inner city to the suburbs and in February 1994, the first relational luncheon was held in Tigard, Oregon at the Newport Bay restaurant. Sixty-four women attended and 22 women could not attend because there was not room. These relational lunches happened bi-monthly and as a result, support groups sprung up under-girded by prayer.

We recognize Christ in our brothers and sisters because of our heart connect to God, the one Father of us all. One of her favorite sayings when she visits groups of a different culture and denomination is, “I am the relative that you haven’t met. This is a family reunion.”